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Our Responsibility

The story of Hearing Solutions UK began when one of the company directors experienced moderate hearing loss and realised just how big an impact this was having on his life. Misheard conversations with friends, family and work colleagues and having to ask everyone to repeat themselves weighed heavily. A referral by his GP to the NHS audiologist followed and ultimately the prescription and supply of hearing aids. The whole process took around 4 months.

It’s unfair to criticise a product supplied for free courtesy of the NHS but the lengthy process and average performance of the hearing aids supplied inevitably led to searching for something better.

The private supplier market proved to be a minefield full of jargon and technical specification understood only by the professionals. Information provided seemed to be very general and not specific to my individual needs to wear hearing aids. Why should this be embarrassing?  There had to be a better way!

Our Vision & Mision

  • Help you hear speech clearly even in a noisy environment
  • Clearly identify where sounds are coming from
  • Be able to talk with different people and respond appropriately
  • Feel confident and comfortable as you go about your daily life regardless of the circumstances
  • Use your telephone with ease
  • Allow you to enjoy music the way you used to with rich, clear and vibrant tones
  • Connect wirelessly to a range of lifestyle devices (TV, mobile phone, IPad etc.) so that you can transmit the sound you want to hear directly to your hearing device.

Two decades of experience, helped us make you to hear again.

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