Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The advancement of technology provides many helpful features for the improvement of hearing aids. These range from the incorporation of GPS systems to streaming music and phone conversations. With the constant progress to enhance the performance of hearing aids, one aspect that is still in need of development is the battery. Hearing aids without the wireless and digital technology upgrades can perform for up to one to two weeks. It goes without saying that many features can use up too much energy and cause continual replacement of traditional hearing aid batteries within a short period of time. That is why if you want to have a more cost-effective option, rechargeable hearing aids can give you both the features and longer battery lifespan. What are the advantages of rechargeable hearing aids compared to the conventional ones:

Better performance

Even though the development in technology now allows hearing aid devices to have more features, the downside is the very short lifespan of the batteries. To add to the woes of this trade-off, disposable batteries must always be properly sealed, otherwise, they can drain prematurely. On the other hand, rechargeable batteries are self-contained in high-quality sealed packages, which helps the battery not to dry out in a premature manner and prolongs its shelf life. Moreover, rechargeable batteries are more likely to have a much higher capacity to withstand inclement weather and severe conditions. Also, since rechargeable hearing aids do not have to be powered by disposable batteries, users are also no longer at risk of finding themselves in an embarrassing situation where they lose power right in the middle of a conversation or meeting. By opting for rechargeable hearing aids, you could have the best of both worlds. A hearing device with more helpful features without you having to change and dispose of the batteries that could only last for a mere week or two.

Better for the users

Rechargeable hearing aids are more long-lasting compared to the conventional ones. That said, some rechargeable hearing aids can operate up to 24 hours which is perfect for everyone especially for very active people. It means that, with the durability of rechargeable batteries, wearers can be assured of 24-hour use and do not have to worry about changing batteries at an inopportune time. The use of rechargeable hearing aids is also ideal for people with dexterity issues. Older wearers or those with health problems like arthritis, poor eyesight or Parkinson’s disease no longer have to struggle changing the battery in the middle of the day. With rechargeable hearing aids like Opn and Phonak Audéo B, all you have to do is plug them into the convenient and easy-to-use charging block and wake up to a full day of sound.

Better for the environment

The growth of disposable hearing aid batteries in terms of usage is twice the rate of the growth in hearing aid sales. This means that discarding all those batteries add up to the risk of exposing our water sources and the environment to potentially harmful acid and lead. By choosing rechargeable hearing aids, users are opting for a “greener” alternative by reducing the waste generated by using disposable batteries.

Cost-efficient hearing aids

The upfront cost of rechargeable hearing aids may be greater than the conventional ones but just think how much money you will be saving each year by not having to keep on buying disposable batteries. Your device would pay for itself in no time at all. At Hearing Solutions UK, we strive to provide the highest standard of care to each and every one of our customers from initial assessment, customer discussion and prescription, to your aftercare and product maintenance. We treat our customers in the same way as we’d like our friends and relatives to be treated whilst offering the best possible hearing solution to ensure that you can get the best hearing experience possible. Call us on 0800 810 8050 or browse around our website and book a FREE consultation now!

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