How To Safely Clean Your Ears


Did You Know the Smallest Thing You Should Put in Your Ear is Your Elbow!!!

But there is another way to get in and get your Ears clean and Clear!

Earwax build-up is a natural process that is essential for the health and wellbeing of your ears. Also known as cerumen, earwax protects the ear from dust, microorganisms and other foreign particles and it lubricates your Eardrum too!

However, this becomes a common problem when there is too much earwax caused by the following factors:

  • The ageing process, as earwax becomes drier with age
  • Having narrow or excessive hair in the ear canals
  • The ear canal not producing enough natural oils for the wax to migrate

When any of the above happens, you may feel symptoms such as a sensation of your ear being plugged up, pain, discomfort, partial hearing loss, irritation and the heightened sensation of tinnitus.

What can you do to avoid this build up?

Whilst it is not clear whether you can actually stop earwax from building in your ears, take note of these important reminders to avoid further complications:

  • Do not over-clean your ears as it can lead to skin irritation and ear infection.
  • Never attempt to scrape out the earwax with your fingers or objects such as cotton swabs, hairpins, toothpicks and other small items as these can only damage your ear and push the wax further down.
  • Avoid using ear candling at home as this method involves the use of the smoke from a burning candle which can easily go wrong and may result in severe burns and perforated eardrums.
  • There are different varieties of earwax removal treatments which you need to decide upon after consulting your physician and includes the use of eardrops, ear irrigation, micro-suction and aural toilet.
  • So long as you do not have a perforated eardrum, there are several types of eardrops you can use at home to help soften the earwax so that it screcret from the ear canal naturally. This includes drops containing sodium bicarbonate, olive oil or almond oil.

What are the natural ways of cleaning your ears?

Since earwax build-up continues to be one of the most persistent ear problems today, learning how to clean your ears at home without injuring yourself or further blocking your ear canal is a very important skill to have. Whilst cotton buds are the most commonly used medium to clean the ears, most experts agree that they may not be the best way to do so. Here are four easy home remedies you can use to clean your ears the natural way:

  • saline water
  • warm olive oil
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • vinegar and rubbing alcohol solution

How can cleaning your ears affect your hearing?

Since your ears already have a natural self-cleaning mechanism that allows debris and excess earwax to naturally slip out of the ear canal, most audiologists suggest that the ears don’t need cleaning at all. Whilst this practice is good for the outer parts of your ear, keep in mind that inserting anything which could push the ear wax deeper towards the eardrum is dangerous and may have an adverse impact to your hearing. Consult your doctor immediately if you injure your ears, experience earaches or notice changes in your ears or hearing.

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