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A fresh approach to hearing aids & the joy of effortless sound.

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Affordable Prices and Effortless Sound

At Hearing Solutions UK, our philosophy is quite simple. Our professional hearing specialists will fully assess your hearing then prescribe the best hearing option available, to suit your hearing and lifestyle. This will in turn provide you with the most natural hearing possible.

The assessment is carried out in the relaxed privacy of your own home, at a time to suit you and entirely free-of-charge.

With a great range of hearing instruments, affordable prices and great payment options we’re confident you’ll be enjoying effortless sound and living life to the full again in no time at all.

The worlds first rechargeable hearing aid with 2.4 GHz direct streaming.

Hearing aids not only benefit the ability to hear, but they can also have a positive influence on your social life and other aspects of health.

Types of hearing aids and sound amplification devices

Hearing devices may be supplied in a variety of shapes and styles from those completely invisible in the ear canal to radical new hearing bands that are more akin to the latest music headphones.

The 2 main categories are ITE (in the ear) and BTE (behind the ear).  The advanced technology offered by Hearing Solutions UK means that these devices are now smaller, lighter weight and more powerful than ever before.

Invisible in the canal (IIC)

A custom fit device that is virtually invisible when worn. Programmable with remote control available.

In the Ear (ITE)

Similar to the IIC device with a larger part of the unit visible. Programmable with remote control available.

Receive in the canal (RIC)

A small and discreet device that fits behind the ear and has a speaker right in the ear canal. Programmable with remote control available.

Behind the Ear (BTE)

The BTE device has all technology housed in a shell that fits directly behind the ear. Amplified sound is fed into the canal via a thin tube. Programmable and highly practical with larger, easy-to-replace batteries.

Behind the Ear pre-programmed (BTEPP)

Small and discreet pre-programmed with excellent technical specifications. Lower cost and suitable for most types of hearing loss.

Sonorlite XL2020 Phonic Band

The stylish XL2020 provides a total hearing and lifestyle communication system that connects you seamlessly to your world like no other device available.

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