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Sonorlite XL2020 Phonic Band

Hearing Solutions UK introduces the Sonorlite XL2020 Phonic Band, a new era in hearing and communication.

Award Winning Performance and Comfort

The stylish XL2020 provides a total hearing and lifestyle communication system that connects you seamlessly to your world like no other device available.

Great performance, simplicity, comfort and ease-of-use are fundamental features of this award winning design.

The Sonorlite XL2020 PHONIC BAND may be linked to a mobile telephone or tablet* computer via Bluetooth allowing the user to conduct a simple hearing assessment. The hearing assessment feature detects sounds that you may be missing. Another feature then programs the device boosts sounds so that you can hear them.

Incoming telephone calls via your mobile telephone can be answered with just a simple click of the neck band.

Your music can also be listened to via the earbuds and changed directly with another click*

When the XL2020 PHONIC BAND is switched on it automatically tells you with a voice message the status of the battery so you know if it needs recharging. And with 10+ hours between charges and short charging time it’s simple to stay connected to your television, mobile telephone and more.

The XL2020 PHONIC BAND attaches comfortably around your neck with a secure ergonomic design.

Key Points

  • Safe, secure and easy to use
  • High quality hearing performance
  • Self-programming hearing solution and easily personalised
  • Listen to TV sound at a volume to suit you without affecting others
  • Connect directly to your mobile phone or tablet*
  • Simple to operate volume and program controls
  • Doesn’t look like a hearing aid
  • Non-whistling design
  • Battery status warning system by audible message
  • Optional wireless TV volume transmitter for a better listening experience
  • Supplied with different sizes of ear buds for comfort fit
  • Fully rechargeable, no batteries required
  • Easy to wear and stylish design suitable for all ages

*A compatible device can be supplied as part of the Sonorlite XL2020 Phonic Band package.

Trade sales

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